The Dragon Born of Fae Part 2
The Dragon Born of Fae 
       Part 2 fae stories

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Can a newly discovered Fae save the dragons?!

The Dragon Born of Fae Part 2

I woke up to the sound of wingbeats outside the cave and my mom screaming.

"Mom why are you screaming?!" I ask groggily.

Mom only screams again, I get up to see what is the matter and stop suddenly at the cave entrance.

I look up to see a little baby dragon flittering around in the sky. The dragon a snowy white color looks at us curiously, tilting its head.

My mom starts screaming again.

Any sane person would either stand paralised, scream like my mom, or run away screaming!

I'm not one of those sane people! Slowly I walk up to the dragon, I don't know why but in my heart I know this dragon would not hurt us.

I walk up and gently raise my hand to the dragon. It flitters over and pushes its head into my hand, I rest my hand on the dragon’s little head.

"You are beautiful," I say kindly, the little dragon makes a mewing sound almost like a cat, back at me, rubbing its head against my chest.

"What is your name?" I don't know what compelled me to ask the dragon’s name but I just do.

Suddenly a little soft an sweet voice fills my head, "My name is Eve, I am the last of my family."

Her voice send chills up my spine, such an sweet little voice. I start to cry...

"Hello Eve,” I have to stop and hold in my tears, “my name is Kiley... I'm so sorry that you have no family! But...” I start to cry again,

“I would love to take care of you!" I choke out with tears in my eyes. Suddenly bright orbs of twinkling light appear around Eve and I.

A pair of Angel looking feathered wings unfurl from my back and the little orbs of light shimmer around us!

"Wow..." I look at my new wings and the lights around us, "Mom? Eve? Did you do this!?" I look at them in wonder

"No, Kiley... you did that... y-you are Faeriy!" mom says in awe, Eve mews happily in response!

Suddenly loud shouts could be heard, "I see lights!” “Quick over here I found them, and a Dragon!" my mom gasps loudly,

"We must leave, it is the... dragon hunters!" she says turning around, but it was too late the hunters were all ready upon us!

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