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Chapter 1
The darkness is coming, 5 warriors will save the universe, Every dimension is at risk, She is the one; The first; The Goddess, Queen, and Leader.

Aurora Nadir thought she was normal, Until a sudden fainting spell caused a visit from a proclaimed 'scavenger of her goddess mother', changes everything.

Soon everything she ever knew is up in flames, as her father tells her a ground shaking secret and shatters her very world as she knows it.

Aurora struggling to figure out her new destiny must put aside her internal struggles and and embark on a journey of self realization and awaken her true potential.

For every dimension, planet, and world is in danger.

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Goddess Queen and Leader

Chapter 1

"Aurora, Aurora, MISS. NADIR!!" the teacher, a pale older woman, with strict blue eyes and a tight bun on the top of her head, says loudly breaking me out of the weird trance like day dream I was having,

Daniel, who was sitting beside me, nudges me, and quite harshly too, as he inconspicuously points to the teacher standing disappointed at the front of the room.

"Huh," I mumble as I lift my head looking at Daniel, before turning to look at the teacher, my bright red hair falling in waves, framing my petite face, "Yes, Mrs. Renargia"

"Miss Nadir were you even paying attention to what I said at all?!" Mrs. Renargia says impatiently, giving me her 'you better have a good reason or else' look.

I hear a quiet laugh behind me and I turn to Chase, only to see him just barely containing his laughter. I sigh

"I'm sorry Mrs. Renargia but...your class is really boring!" I say distractedly, paying more attention to Chase than to what I said.

The class draws a breath and suddenly the entire room is filled with soft murmurs, as everyone turns to talk amongst themselves.

Daniel looks at me like I've sprouted horns out of my head, and Chase, oh my dearest Chase, RIP you!

He can't hold in his laughter anymore and it echoes throughout the classroom as he holds his stomach.

I finally realized what I said, and I might as well have sprouted horns... maybe even a tail!!

I just broke a major, but unspoken, rule within the class!!! Everyone knew that absolutely no one under any circumstance is to back talk Mrs. Renargia.

She doesn't, and I mean doesn't handle back talk very well.

I turn and stare at the sobering Chase as he begins to stop laughing, I give him my best glare and he just smirks.

I look back at Mrs. Renargia, she's red in the face, fuming mad! I regret my distracted word choice immediately!

"Miss. Nadir... TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE RIGHT NOW!!" Mrs. Renargia practically screams in fury at me.

I stood up and started walking towards the principal's office, I should be walking in shame, with my head hanging low and all but... this is the fifth time I've gotten in trouble by Mrs.

Renargia and the second time I've been sent to the principal's office this month.

As I walk out, Eleanore catch's my eye. My BFF looks me straight in the face and rolls her eyes sighing. She is not as amused as I am by my multitude of principal visits.

I mean it's not my fault that Mrs. Renargia is really boring and that I've been having really weird and super distracting dreams and all.

Plus it's not my fault that she can't handle back talk or sarcasm.

As I reach the door a bright blinding light flashes beneath my eyes, momentarily blinding me, and suddenly a blaring, bone rattling, ear splitting, migraine appears,

I stumble and then collapse to the ground.

I start to see black fuzzy dots and I slowly begin to lose consciousness, I can barely focus on what's happening around me, with all the fuzzy dots spotting my eyesight, whirlwind of colors,

and blaring, almost incoherent noises.

I just barely notice Chase, Eleanore, and Daniel running over and my teacher beginning to rush me to the nurses office before I fall unconscious.

* * *

I wake up, and I'm lying on a grassy meadow surrounded on all sides by trees and wildflowers. But not the ones you normally see in a meadow or Forest.

A variety of weird spindly tall trees that look almost to that of a pine, bright pink willow like trees, short lopsided orange maple looking trees and curvy short oak trees,

flowers in a range of colors from bright neon teal to a deep magenta and a blue ombre.

Changing shape from small regular looking bright pink flowers to squares and hearts of rainbow, ombre, iridescent, and so much more colors all surround me.

Colors, shapes, sizes, smells, everything exotic, new, I don't recognize anything, it's all so new and so overwhelming.

Looking around at the strange flowers and trees, I notice that even the grass is different! A furry light almost blueish green that felt like walking on a fluffy rug.

"Where am I?" I wonder aloud.

"Your in Taliniron, The realm of spirits and dreams." A lady says, suddenly standing directly behind me.

Hope you like how the story is going so far! I’m aphaving a lot of fun writing it!!!

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