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The darkness is coming, 5 warriors will save the universe, Every dimension is at risk, She is the one; The first; The Goddess, Queen, and Leader.

Aurora Nadir thought she was normal, Until a sudden fainting spell caused a visit from a proclaimed 'scavenger of her goddess mother', changes everything.

Soon everything she ever knew is up in flames, as her father tells her a ground shaking secret and shatters her very world as she knows it.

Aurora struggling to figure out her new destiny must put aside her internal struggles and and embark on a journey of self realization and awaken her true potential.

For every dimension, planet, and world is in danger.

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Goddess Queen and Leader


Light is the opposite of darkness... yet you can not have one without the other.

In a realm parallel to that of earth's, lies a door of great power. This door defies nature itself, and should not be real. But it is...

the door of Azure, it only exists because of pure and true light, because of dreams, hopes and goodness.

The door lies in the center of the planet and kingdom Azure, its protector, land, and power. Hence why it got its name: the door of Azure.

The door of Azure allows you to travel between the realms; to earth's realm and many more.

The door of Azure only appears to those worthy of its power,

only to those who obtain the truest most purest of light in their hearts or those with the strongest and purest of hopes and/or dreams.

The door of Azure is protected by the Warriors of the Sun, a group of warriors who swore an oath to protect the door until their death, whether it be natural, or not.

They guard the door of Azure from all the evil and darkness that wish to obtain the power of Azure.

Until one day a warrior went rogue, creating an evil force so dark and so evil it upsets the very balance between light and dark.

The "Rogue One" as he is called, forced himself through the door of Azure.

The Warriors of the Sun fought him, but he was too powerful... they were defeated. Upon being defeated they passed on their legacy to a new generation...

a younger one who would soon find their abilities.

The "Rogue One" began to invade the realms, causing a darkness so dark only the brightest of stars and truest of light can reach through the dark gloom.

Causing an almost eternal darkness and overwhelming night to fall upon the realms

The Warriors of the sun are strong, they will come back, they will fight this great evil, they will survive and become victorious, for so the telling of the Goddess of Light, Nemiria,

herself goes:

Soon comes a day where the power of darkness, the strongest evil, the "Rogue One," will rise forth. Striving upon the evil, it will torment and destroy all.

Upsetting the delicate balance between dark and light.

But there is power, there is hope, all is not lost because of true and pure light.

This will save us all, so go my child, my scavenger one, and find the Warriors of the Sun.

The five who will save us all, the brightest, most truest and purest of all. They arise to fight the darkness, the evil, the "Rogue One." They come to set the balance of all.

So go forth, find the next generation of the Warriors of the Sun;

Find the one who wears a mask,

Find the one with skills unmatched,

Find the princess without a Crown where loyalty goes unbound,

Find the one of darkness,

And finally most important of all, Find the one who carries the greatest gift of all,

She is the child of gifted might; The daughter of light.

She is the Queen of Azure.

She is the Leader of the Warriors of the Sun, who shall bring down the "Rogue One."

Once you find the five and bring forth the warriors of the Sun.

Only then will the pure and true light prevail over the evil, the darkness, the "Rouge One."

Only then will the realms be at balance once again...

~Author Note~

I hope you liked the prologue!!

I'll also post chapter 1 as well!!!

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