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alphawriter Sporadical and random updates and books
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My important accounts
@alphawriter - me - writing
@morganshadows - me - graphic designing
@royaltyqueen - me - Royalty
@royalauthor - me - royalist author
@cupquake2 - sister
@kotlcforlife - sister
@tired_weeb - friend - referral


Hello everyone my name is Lexa Lilka, I'm an 8th grader

I have 4 accounts on commaful and my sisters are on commaful

@morganshadows is for graphic designing! I will share my designs their and I would love for you to reach out and ask me to make you a design!

@alphawriter is my main account! It will be the one I'm writing books on and it will be the one where I will manly post the updates or announcements!

@royaltyqueen is just because I wanted to be royal (and I wanted to be a combassador)

@royalauthor is because well I needed 1 more referral to become a combassador and I wanted to be the royalist of authors! :D

@cupquake2 is my sister and she's a immature 5th grader so her stuff is completely random!

@kotlcforlife is my other sister she's a 7th grader and she has an obsession with Keeper of the Lost Cities By Shannon Messenger

@tired_weeb is one of my friends and one of the people I referred to Commaful (the fifth referral wants to stay anonymous)

That's all the accounts you really need to know about!

Feel free to check them out whenever! I would love to design something for you to!!

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