Bitter-Sweet Harmony
Bitter-Sweet Harmony 

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For the Harmony contest ^-^

Bitter-Sweet Harmony

Harry sat at the edge of his bed, his hand pressed against the arm chair as her curled and un-curled his hands through 'Mione's hair as she read.

The tears that had leaked out of her eyes were gone, leaving her face shining in golden light that reflected from the bronze stand on where she placed her favorite book, Hogwarts a History.

Harry had to admit, Hermione was right on this one. Ron was being quite bitchy. It wasn't his choice, or, business really, on who Hermione snogged.

"Hey, Harry?" Hermione looked up from book, her smile fading. "You should go. I don't want Ron to get angry and say that you're taking my side."

But her one true friend shook his head. Hermione Granger's bottom lip trembled as she got up and caressed Harry's cheek.

Still, he shook his head and muttered, "Hermione, you'll be all alone. Nobody to be their with you. All the girls in Gryffindor have their own little group with you in the corner."

Hermione's lips twitched. "I love my corner, thank you very much. It is a pleasure to have you hold me up for this long, Harry Potter.

" Harry laughed and hit Hermione's head with a pillow, in the universal sign of stop-being-so-formal.

"But.." 'Mione's smile faded once more, sending pangs of sadness and guilt shooting through Harry's heart. "Ron needs you.

And before you start arguing he doesen't deserve me or you, we all know you can't live without each other, either. So, please, Harry, for my sake, leave."

Harry stared at her in regret. This would be the last time he would see his best-friend, his loyal muggleborn if Ron didn't set hid priorities.

And so Harry gave her one last thing. He leaned over and kisses her full on the mouth, molding his lips against her.

Hermione gasped into the kiss, standing up, grabbing Harry's hair, whimpering. Harry stroked her through her leggings and she moaned.

And finally, to Hermione's regret, he released her and, pushing his hand deep into his pockets, turned and walked away, the hum of the kiss still in Hermione Granger's ears.

Like a bitter-sweet Harmony.


Harry and Hermione.

Harry and Hermione.

Harry and Hermione.

Harry and Hermione.

Something that would never happen. Hermione Granger threw herself at the pillow, sobbing. Why had she let him go?


"Cut!" Tom Felton cried. Emma slipped up and, laughing, gave him a long kiss on the mouth, grinning and saying, "Sorry about that. Don't kill Daniel."

Tom gave her a look and said, "My one-true boy-friend is not the one getting killed, MUDBLOOD. It will be you."

Emma shook her head and slapped Tom's arm at the rude Harry Potter reference. Daniel slipped out of the stands and bounded towards Tom and hugged him.

Emma Watson sighed and slammed her hand against her forehead.

Daniel and Tom and their obsession with Drarry. Sometimes she wondered why she put up with them.

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