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You x Sans. Simple really. I might make more if you guys want I do like to write fanfiction!

Sans x Reader

A couple years ago...

You were gripping a note in your hand tightly. It was wrinkling a bit from the force but not too badly.

"I-I'm gonna tell him.." You whispered to yourself as your reread the letter anyways getting more nervous by the passing seconds.

"I'm g-gonna confess." You were slowly growing some courage just by saying this. You loosen your grip where it was laying in your hand smoothly. You let a sigh and took a deep breath.

"I can do it." This time you were already moving your feet to the door and opening it before your mind could even process what was happening.

The room was messy, mostly because it belonged to Sans. There was clothes here and there but nothing to serious. Looks like he was packing for something though...

"Sans?" You called out but there was no answer. The room was empty. You walked in a little fearful.

He would sometimes pull pranks like this on you but they were never funny to you until he made a really bad pun about it. He didn't jump out to scare you either.

You looked everywhere, but he wasn't even there.

You were relieved yet disappointed. Today you had finally worked up the courage to confess to your crush, Sans. But he wasn't even there for it.

Your confidence was slowly cracking the more you saw that most of his stuff was gone too. Even his blue jackets he always had. You went to check Paps' room but it was pretty much empty as well.

Even the bed was empty. He left the bed...

You ran down the stairs not wanting to believe it for one second. You looked everywhere and you started to cry as you walked and sat on the couch. He left. No goodbye. No warning.

He just up and left. You thought there was maybe a note but looking once more there was no sign of one.

You broke down and cried right on the green couch remembering how much you two would hang out, makes jokes, and have fun there tore your heart to pieces.

He left...

And he isn't coming back.


You were done with practice and decided to pay Grilby a innocent visit. You had gotten over the past the best you could but remembering it never helped.

Grilby gave you a job as a waitress and everyone was happy on the Surface. Even you were. You had started dancing classes out of boredom and wanting to move more. You always did love music.

You had a cute little bakery with Toriel but really you were just working with her, it wasn't your dream. Actually, you never really knew much about your future even now.

You only knew it would be spent with Sans but how wrong you were then still haunts you.

You passed by and saw someone doing a puzzle together and couldn't help thinking, 'Papyrus would've loved that..'

Realization hit you and you shook your head to clear the thought or else you'll start crying in public.

You had spent most of your day in bed and needed some exercise or else you'll lose your good body.

When you were younger you didn't think of your food much and just ate a lot and it made you chubby but you grew up and worked out with Undyne growing a few muscles here and

some kick ass moves there. You went inside the restaurant and Grilby spotted you and a warm smile greeted you. You could always count on Grilby to make your day.

"Hey Grill, mind if I started work early?" You asked him approaching the counter waiting for his answer.

"Yeah sure, was gonna call you in soon anyways." he agreed and you went to put on your work outfit which looked great on you. Afterwards someone came in and you looked up and smiled.

It was a man and he asked for a hamburger with fries but no ketchup. You nodded, with such an normal memory writing that down was unnecessary.

You got to cooking and so far so good. You were already sweating but it might be from the heat in the place and Grilby. The door opened making the bell ring meaning a new customer.

She wiped her hands on her apron and went back to the front counter to greet them. "How can I-" You stopped what you were gonna say when you saw who it was.

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