Sans x Reader Part Three
Sans x Reader Part Three undertale stories

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Sorry for the picture, ran out of blushing Sans but I should do a Ink x Error book next!

Sans x Reader Part Three

You were knocked out and sat up quickly to see yourself sitting on your favorite green couch. You were in Sans' and Papyrus' house. You haven't been near or in here for years.

You had a blanket on you and a pillow under your head but you had a killer headache. You then noticed the lump sleeping near you. A white lump.

Sans moved a little before opening his eyes at looking right at you. You froze and blushed as you realized he was basically sleeping with you protectively. Same Sans you grew up to love.

"Hey uh, are you okay? You hit you head pretty bad back there." he said sitting up now. You didn't know how to exactly respond to his question.

His look showed only worry no anger but there was a hint of sadness mixed in with it. That nearly broke your heart in two.

"I'm...fine." You said as you brought your knees to your chest remembering what you said to him. He noticed your sad look and got closer. "Hey it's okay, I sorta deserved that.

Just never seen ya mad before." Sans told you trying to lighten your mood a little. It wasn't working. Sans sighed. "Look, Y/n.

A million sorrys won't make up for what I did so I'd appreciate it if you could just...drop me a bone here?" he said making him smile as you giggle at the pun.

He looked surprised she still like his bad jokes. "I'm just saying, you're blowing hot air here but it's going right through me." He said shrugging as you started laughing more.

"Like come on, I've done a skele-ton of things to get back here sooner." You were holding your belly laughing now even though the jokes weren't that funny it just was from Sans.

Sans laughed with you letting you catch your breath once you calmed down.

"Sans? Why'd you leave?" You asked and he sort of froze but you were looking at the ceiling so you didn't see his reaction to the question.

"It's kinda difficult to explain but uh..." he hesitated. "Paps got a cooking gig and he was so excited and I couldn't break his spirit." he lied right in your face without you knowing.

You stopped staring at the ceiling and looked at him for the first time making eye contact with him.

"That's fair, I understand. He is your only family after all." You said smiling at him glad he didn't leave for some worse reason like he hated you or something.

"I-It is?" Sans asked her sounding a little shocked. "You sure Y/n?"

"Yeah I'm sure." You said confidently making him believe you.

"So forgiven?"

"Yeah you're forgiven."

'Mostly because I love you Sans the skeleton.'

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