Fallen Demon
Fallen Demon
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Felt like I was losing hope, You and myself at the same time.
A fallen demon who can’t call his witch mine.

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Fallen Demon

I'm not saying I'm regretful.

I'm not saying I'm Hopeful.

But grateful could explain it in many ways.

How you made me truly happy in my darkest days.

But weird remembering our past memories.

How we got to be so close but let it all go anyways.

Felt like I was losing hope, You and myself at the same time.

A fallen demon who can't call his witch mine.

I didn't want to let you go cuz I was simply scared.

Scared I'll be alone, Scared as if I was losing my head.

Sadly our fate told me to let you go and so I did.

But when I finally did, it left my whole heart ached.

It left me craving for your touch, your laugh, and scent.

While those ocean eyes of yours got my demon wings bent.

Funny to think that it all started with a poem.

Couldn't find the right words or the balls to say them.

I remember being nervous and couldn't tell u myself.

So I let an old friend write one while I was blabbering stuff.

Well, I guess we'll be in touch even if not together.

And I think I'll be alright as long as your happier.

I hope you don't forget about this weak demon in the coming years.

I know whatever happens it'll be better if I at least get to see your eyes.

I'm hoping I get to be at your future birthdays.

Tho you wouldn't remember any of mine afterwards.

We didn't even get to celebrate one.

So I had to remember about yours even on mine.

Maybe it was supposed to be, Maybe it's for the best.

But I know no one else can let this dark soul rest.

Maybe this is closure, Maybe I have to say goodbye.

But I can't say I want that cuz I've been yours since day one.

I didn't realize how deep I've fallen for your spell.

Till you made it clear that I was fragile, even from hell.

And get sad, get really sad about how it got to that point.

Always missing you even with a shattered heart.

To the point of no return, just a broken demon.

Trying to understand it in the way how it all began.

- lowkey poet

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