twisted love

twisted love vampire stories

alostwriter 🎃🥧 B O O ! 2 more days!🥧🎃
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it can't ever work between different species.. can it?

twisted love

when we met I was hunting for blood,

it soon had turned into some sort of twisted love

my fangs would drip as

you would touch your lips to mine.

no matter how much my stomach throbbed

for blood, for your blood, I would never try.

the sensation of your kisses was better than

any blood I could ever have drank

but then they found out.

they ripped our twisted affair apart

I watched them suck the life out of you

there in the dark

nothing I could do to stop it.

You knew of the monster I was but you

loved me for it. From that day on I no longer ached

for blood, my lips ached for your kiss.

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