The Thunder that is my day
The Thunder that is my day thunder stories

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The Thunder that is my day

Today I got up feeling... pumped. I don't know why, don't ask. It is a sunny day. When I hopped on the bus I felt pretty good. Today I was going to ask my friend what my crush had said about me.

He had told me it was a good thing but how good? I didn't really know. Mind you, I like this guy, A LOT.

And hearing that he had said something to my friend specifically about me?

I WAS SO HAPPY! And to know it was a good thing! I kept pushing him to tell me until he finally came out and said; "Fine! He said that you were... cute.

" I laughed and said; "Really?" He nodded seriously and I did a little squeal. I skipped all the way into my class. I stopped my friend and told her.

I played Uno after testing with my friends and we laughed until our sides hurt. All the while my family was breaking apart.

So here's where you need a back story. I had a mom, now I have a step mom/ my dads girlfriend. I live with my dad and his girlfriend.

When I got on the bus I was still humming and happy. Nothing could bring me down. I ran up my driveway and I knew something was wrong when I saw my dad. There. "How was your day?" he asked.

"Great!!" I said enthusiastically. "I have to tell you something," he said gravely. "Shelley is now my ex-girlfriend." I wanted to cry but I couldn't. My world came crashing down.

How?!? How can you come this far in a relationship just to realize this is the outcome?!? I had a sister. A brother. We were a family. Blended or not. What was gonna happen?

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