Not my choice ~ Part 1

Not my choice ~ Part 1 uncomplete story stories
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Can a perfect love still be achieved when the odds seem to be working against them?

*Anyone interesting in writing from Victors point of view?*

Not my choice ~ Part 1

I walk along the beach and trace my fingers around my heart. "'April!" I spin around. ''Victor!!"' He embraces me and I breath in his fragrance. He pulls back and holds my hand in both of his.

"I missed you,"' he says softly. ''More than you could ever imagine.'' I say as I stare into his eyes. He pulls me toward him and I giggle as I stand on my tiptoes to reach his lips.

His lips brush mine and I savor the moment. Later that evening we are walking along the beach, catching up on one another's lives. ''I thought you weren't coming back til'June?"' He smiles.

''I can't wait so long to see my April,"' he says grinning. I glance up at him and he bends down to kiss me. After we're done on the beach we walk to his house.

On the way there I notice Victor's smile turn to a slight frown. "Vic, what's wrong?" I ask. He bites his lip and I watch tears fall down and drip on to the sidewalk.

I swivel in front of him and grasp his arms. "Victor?" I ask, my voice a shaky whisper. "It's my father," he says hoarsely. I wait for his next words.

"H-he has another girl he wants me to engage, April."

I hope you enjoyed and are ready for more coming soon! If anyone would like to help me and write from Victor's point of view on their account that would be wonderful! More will be coming very soon!


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