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Hey guys. So I have been on Commaful for 5 months now, and think it's time to tell you my story.

My Story

Hey guys.

So I have been on Commaful for 5 months now, and think it's time to tell you my story.

I have experienced a lot of trauma and people have been asking about recent posts, wondering what is going on. So *deep breath* here.

When I was 4 years old, my parents had a very ugly divorce. Lots of screaming. No domestic abuse or anything.

Seeing as I was sexually abused before this happened I think this may be the reason why. (Yes, I was four.) My nine year old cousin, he lied.

Anyway, of course as it goes I got to see my mom sometimes and my dad sometimes. At my mother's house, I was a parent.

My mother was constantly working and I had to take care of my two year younger than me brother at six years old.

Seeing my last post (when you uncork the bottle, I will put the link in the description.) you understand that yes, my mom is a drunk.

She constantly took me to parties and I went through a lot of abuse from her, my older brother (26 now, 20 or 19 then) and her mother (my grandmother).

My last post was about a specific incident after I asked her to promise me, that she wouldn't drink around me, because I was scared.

(I was seven or eight if you are wondering) and a week later, she got drunk, the laughing I describe is how I knew she was drunk, and yes,

I told my mother (even though I was eight) that I could stay alone with my six or seven year old brother. I did NOT want to get in a car with her.

So, when she and my twenty year old brother were gone, (I learned later they were getting more alcohol) I went to the back porch. I counted eight crushed beer bottles.

I started crying and explained it to my brother who began to scream about how; "SHE'S NOT DRUNK!!!" I locked myself in the bathroom and called my dad, he called the police and came to get me.

My mother was taken into custody although she did not stay in prison.

That was a lot. I will post the rest another time.

Love you sunshines.

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