Hermione's Diary PART 2 collaboration with @dracomalfoywif
Hermione's Diary

collaboration with @dracomalfoywif

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Part two of my collaboration series with @dracomalfoywif. Please go follow and like their parts they are such and underrated writer! Thank you!

Hermione's Diary PART 2 collaboration with @dracomalfoywif

2nd week, 1st year

In the common room I am studying when the boys, finally, might I add, come in looking still half asleep. "Hermione, what time is it?" Ron asks, yawning. "Fifteen minutes till the bell rings."

reply, absentmindedly still staring down at my work sheet. I look up. "Welp, I'm off." I get up, grab my papers, and walk purposefully out of the common room. The boys scramble after me.

I'm walking down the hall head held high, when I realize, with frustration, Ron and Harry are no longer behind me. I spin around and see Claire. Ugh.

Today she has a leather crop-top that, I don't blame them, all the boys are looking at. Her chest area is quite defined. It's skin tight.

She's finally wearing her robes which reveals to me she's Slytherin. Not a surprise. She's got black heels, and black jeans to match her "shirt" if it can be called that. It's a wonder she hasn't tripped yet with those shoes.

I wish Hogwarts had a dress code.

She has way too much makeup on, -I don't wear any at all-. Ron is bright red and staring at her, Harry seems to be pretty uncomfortable. He's squirming and looking anywhere but at Claire.

I only hear bits of their conversation as Ron and Claire conversate but enough to know what's happening. "Hey Claire," I hear the boys respond.

She inched closer to Ron and I couldn't quite hear and Ron looks to me. I scoff and swivel around back to walking to class.

I hear Ron say "Yeah great," and I hear Claire say a goodbye and Harry simply lets out a small chuckle. I roll my eyes to myself, and then the boys show up next to me. "Sh- She," Ron stutters.

"Let's just go!" I snap. I speed up and turn the corner down the hall to class. I decided right then and there, I hated Claire Beatrice.

This is a collaboration with the awesome writer; @dracomalfoywif Please go follow them! They are a very underrated writer! But, they have great content!

Thank you for reading!!

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