Hermione's Diary ||PART 5||

Hermione's Diary  ||PART 5|| hermione stories

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I know you all thought this was over huh? Well, nope! It's back! Enjoy!

A collab with @dracomalfoywif.


Hermione's Diary ||PART 5||

I know, I know it's been a while since I wrote in this diary. I have been trying to get over the incident with Claire. I am so ashamed, I called her a... I can't even write it.

Also, I have had a lot of homework to do from Professor Snape. The first year is almost over. But something happened today.

I was sitting in the library studying for our upcoming test. My hair was particularly annoying me because it continued to get in my face. Anyway, suddenly someone came through the door.

I stared at my book but I knew who it was. Claire. Lately, everyone has been talking about how she's the chosen one. She's been wearing longer clothes to hide the death eater tattoo.

I look up at her when she reaches my table. "Is there something you need?" She looks into my eyes and I can see she is about to cry. "I just wanted to apologize for being so rude.

I know you didn't mean what you said but instead, I tortured you about it, I hope you can forgive me, I will leave you to your studying.

" Tears bud in my eyes and I want to say sorry too, but I can't, so I just sit there and watch her leave. Tears spill down my cheeks and drop onto my book.

I shut it and run out of the library and up to the Gryffindor girls' common room. I throw myself on my bed and spend the rest of the evening crying.

Later, I hear a commotion in the Slytherin common room. I hear Claire's voice and without thinking I shoot up, wipe my tears and run to her.

When I get there, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw alike are standing there watching as Claire yells at Draco.

Are they together? She tells Draco about how she doesn't belong to him and she turns to go to the bathroom but I grab her arm and run off with her.

I hear Draco screaming about me; "YOU FILTHY MUDBLOOD, COME BACK!!!" I ran to my common room and she began bawling. At first, I was disturbed but then I understood, Claire just needed a friend.

So I gave her a hug. When I let go she had stopped crying.

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