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A timeless love story


My sister sat me down

and as we do

As we've always done throughout the years

We would debate and dispense

Debate core life fundamentals

And dispense advice of our angles

As though Kahlo and Basquiat would

As though Noether and Einstein could

She told me truths that my heart couldn't take but my mind knew

To be necessary

Our parents didn't teach us how to love

My sister made me cry and then made me laugh

Had me in tears

As she always has

As she always does

Like her art

Tear things to it's essential foundation to then rebuild glory

So glori/ous

Our mother didn't teach us how to love ourselves

Our father didn't teach us how to be loved

We must learn to do the ladder before the former

Because if you do not

You will be climbing a disillusion

Which will end in your demise

You will plummet to the depths of your being

With a complete and utter sense of loneliness that no human should ever bare

But when you get there

You will see your true identity

Please promise me that you will love that person

The person who eats her pizza backwards

The person who barely makes sense to herself

Who talks to herself

By herself and in public


The one who has this beauty mark on the side of her gem's lips

Slick talker

The girl who dreams of a better human condition

A more compassionate one

A better universe

A better you

Begin with self

There's just something so comforting in believing somewhere there is time and space equal to this

where everything is genuinely beautiful


And the only lies we have are on beds

That the thought inside your head is out there somewhere

Where honesty and loyalty exist

And mingle like two lovers who could do no wrong to one another

There's something so amazing about

Unconditional, without limit,

Shoot for the stars love

Give me everything, love

"Here have everything, love"

A level of vulnerability that defies human nature

And there you were

8 years later

Infinity turned vertical

I have learned that to love anyone

You must love yourself

The bona fide definition of mastur/bate

It took me 8 years to be here

In this precise moment with this highest level of understanding

And you show up

Like a thief in the night

Ready to take everything from me

As you did a decade ago

"I'm in love with you"

The silence of no reciprocity killed me so

Murdered me, no viola

I became someone else

Someone more cold

Reincarnated and distant

And extremely dismissive

And then I learned

Loving in abundance

Means limitless

Without bound

There is nothing like love that wants but does not need

We know we could live without each other

We already have

but we don't want to

So there you stood

Offering me everything you have

In hopes that I would do the same for a second time

Like that maroon 5 song in '02

"I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew

That someday it would lead me back to you"

It's only fitting that the man who stood before me

The first that instilled fear

Of a broken heart

Your birthday would land on a Sunday this year

The same year I met you again

I've now met you twice

Boy, you make me believe in God and in God's time

Stubborn as I am, makes me want take advice

And leave all vice

Wouldn't even touch a glass of wine

Get on my knees

And talk in tongues

Pray for my prey

As a writer, I couldn't have made this shit up

I wouldn't want to be a/part

I wouldn't want to be a part

Of any other love story than ours

Like the most high went back and reread it then rewrote it

Shit! I couldn't write a better love story

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