Hospital Window.
Hospital Window. sad stories
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aloner Hi! I write garbage. You can call me C.
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Hospital window. Likes and comments are appreciated!

Hospital Window.

by aloner

There was a hospital room with two beds.

In those two beds were two ladies.

One of the ladies was older,

she was in the bed closest to the window.

The other lady was a teenager,

she lied in the bed furthest from the window.


the nurse came to sit the lady up closest to the window.

The lady always looked out the window, enjoying the sight.

The teenager,

couldn't sit up because of her condition.

"Ugh! Why can't I sit up and look out the window?"

Said the teenager.

"I'm so jealous you get to sit by the window."

The lady at the window thought for a moment and looked out.

Then she spoke,

"It's a beautiful day outside."

She spoke gently,

"There's a park outside.

With green grass, strong trees, and a nice big pond full of some ducks in the middle."

"Sounds nice."

The teenager said.

"What else do you see?"

She asked.


The lady continued,

"I see people

families having lunches, children flying kites and laughing, people running and on walks, owners playing fetch with their dogs, and a man selling colorful balloons."

The teen closed her eyes,

painting the scene in her mind.

They did this everyday.

When the lady was sat up, she'd look out the window and tell the teen what she saw.

Until one morning,

the teen woke to see no lady in bed beside her.

She called the nurse to ask what had happened.

The nurse said the lady passed away.

The teen was very sad to hear this.


The teen spoke.

"May I sit in the bed next to the window?"

The nurse agreed, and moved her into the bed next to the window.

The teen was excited

she finally got to see the park. Filled with people, green grass, trees, and a pond in the middle.

The nurse rose her to the window.

She peered out the window to find...

A brick wall.

Of course the teen asked

"Wait, so the lady was lying?" The nurse replied,

"No, she was blind. She couldn't see anything."

The teen was shocked to hear this, she never knew.

Even though there was a brick wall,

she still looked out the window. Until one day...

A 6 year old girl was placed beside the teen,

"Aw man, I didn't get the window! You're so lucky!"

The teen looked out the window saying nothing.

Then the teen spoke,

"There's a park. With green grass, strong trees, and a nice big pond full of some ducks in the middle."

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