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alonerUsing words as drawings. Just call me C.
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The clock man.
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Clock Man

by aloner

There is a man made of metal, gears,

and a clock.

With every step he takes,

his clock ticks.

He didn't know how he came to be,

or even if he exists.

He only knows he just needs to keep moving forward.

And never look back.

Sometimes, he wonders when he's going to stop.

If he would ever stop.

Seconds turn into minutes.

Minutes turn into hours.

Hours turn into days.

Days turn into weeks.

Weeks turn into months.

Months turn into years.

Yet the clock man still walks.

Ticking away with every step.

Wondering when he is going to stop.

And we sit, listening to him pass by.


when he will stop.

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