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Hello, it's nice to meet you!


Since I've seen other authors do introductions I decided to make my own. So, hello! I'm Samu.

For privacy reasons, I won't tell you my age but what I can tell you is that I act like a 7-year-old 70% of the time. Those are my best friend's words and not my own.

I have a love for everything creative. I draw, write and play volleyball in my free time (when I have any.) I also play games like Valorant or Overwatch sometimes. I'm an Aries but the Gemini in my chart is taking over me, so I might act like one at times. I have a love for all season since I think they all have their own charm to them.

I love the colour red. I hate school for the most part, yet classes like biology, language classes and art are fine. I generally find languages very interesting. I know 2 languages fluently and I am currently studying French. I find socializing annoying and being in a school for 7 hours talking to people is such a drag. I do like talking over text or listening to people, however, so do reach out to me if you want!

I've always been interested in writing yet I've never really posted any of my works. Why you ask. Because the anxiety is real with this one and I don't have that much confidence in my writing. I think a lot of people can relate to that however.

Commaful is a smaller community and I thought that it would be a great place to start, get feedback and read other authors' works. The layout is interesting and very different from what I'm used to.

I feel like this community is closer than others I've been in before, which I love. Everyone helps everyone. I think it's awesome that everyone sees all posts in the "latest" feed, that gives all new writers some exposure. 1 hour in and people have already read my first work. Scary and intimidating yet incredible. Thank you!

Also, If you've not noticed, I am a sucker for Bungou Stray Dogs and Haikyuu. That means I might write some fanfiction as well. The amount of BSD fanfiction on this site is tragic so I want to contribute with my own works! If you decide to write some BSD fanfiction, let me know and I'll check it out! It's nice to meet you and thank you for reading all the way to the end.

I hope you have a nice day/night and enjoy my future works.^^ Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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