The obelisks
The obelisks 
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I have no idea how this site works but I figured I'd post my writing somewhere. I know I ain't great and this was written like two years ago but enjoy.

The obelisks

My name is Joseph Troda. I'm not sure how much time I have left, they're hunting me. They approach faster and faster each day.

I've decided that I would write down my experiences for whoever finds this before my life is cut short

There had been a colossal earthquake that revealed some ruin that had been buried centuries ago. The area was off-limits because the land was unstable but I was a fool and went anyway.

It was easy to slip past the security, the hard part was scaling the mountain. Bits of the mountain crumbled beneath my feet and fell away as I grabbed

I got to the unearthed ruins with some scrapes and bruises but I was far too ecstatic to care. As I looked around my eyes were drawn to the two massive obelisks protruding from the mountain.

I found myself unable to look away when I saw something far stranger than the

Right between them there was a tunnel, it looked like it had collapsed in the earthquake but someone rebuilt it.

But how? No one else had been here right? And even if someone was up here how would they have done this so unbelievably quickly. I was entranced by the mystery and my legs just started moving.

I walked into the tunnel and the air became cold and stagnant, it was so dark too. I could barely see my own hands in front of my face so I fumbled around for my phone.

I finally found it after about thirty seconds of walking and turned on my flashlight, I can't even hope to explain what I saw.

The walls had shelves carved into them and on each shelf was a body. They were old but they weren't... human, I don't really know what they were.

They looked like some strange form of hybrid but I couldn't tell what the mix was. They looked more primitive, but I guess that makes sense if they dwell in caves.

I knew I should have turned around but I couldn't. My entire body was trembling, I could barely think, and I wasn't even registering what I was seeing.

I felt like I was walking for ages when I saw a giant stone door. It had all these carvings on it.

The people in the carvings looked like the bodies on those shelves, they were worshiping some sort of demon or something.

I put both hands on the door and pushed as hard as I could and they gave way. O god I wish they hadn't. When they opened cold air poured out. I felt like I was going to freeze to death.

Then the whispers started. I still hear them when I close my eyes, or when I'm in the shadows. Past those doors was a staircase, there were bones scattered on the icy cold, granite floor.

I wanted to cry or throw up, but I felt like the darkness was forcing itself down my throat suffocating me . I just kept walking. The deeper I went the louder the whispers got.

I saw a faint light at the end of the staircase and a new noise was added to the whispers, there was chanting. I was paralyzed when I got to the bottom of the stairs.

I was standing there for what felt like an eternity when I finally peeked around the corner.

What I saw was terror incarnate, and the last thing I saw before I ran as quickly as possible, was it looking me directly in the eyes.

When I got back out I saw the obelisks again, but they seemed different. They seemed almost alive, I could swear they were staring at me.

Then I realized why, there were so many of those red, demon eyes in the cracks and the shadows. I don't know if I was just hysterical or if those eyes were real.

But I know the demon was real, so were those indescribable creatures. No one believes me. I know those obelisks can't reach me but whatever was beneath them is coming ever faster.

The whispers are becoming louder and clearer, thousands of people who were killed by those beasts all begging me to help. I can't help, I don't know how.

I'm seeing the eyes again everywhere I look. I won't let them catch me. I hope people believe this. I hope whoever reads this can find a way to help, to make sure no one else suffers like this.

And whoever finds this note please don't look for me.

Call the police, my body will be in the bedroom and there will be a bullet through my skull but I don't know if they'll have done something to me so for your own sanity please,

don't look for my body.

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