The Colors in Life
The Colors in Life stories

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The Colors in Life

Mean what you wear and put out there.


When passion strikes you, and you're feeling dangerous, take a hold of it and put on some red. Sport it like never before because you can. Be bold.


Yellow lights the fire and gets the energy flowing. Splash some sun on something and brighten up the day with the individuality you can show off with a bright splash of joyful yellow.


When you are going for a mature look or are trying to show how strong your character is, go for the gray. Stability and security will radiate from you because your world isn't black or white.


When things need to calm down and you need a bit of loyalty because the rest of the world is flying by, correct the chaos with some calming blue and see where the world will take you.


Black isn't just for the stereotyped Goth or Emo communities. If you're going for a look of sophistication or power, go for something black. Mourning the dead isn't the only time to wear it.


Want to look for a light in the darkness? Give a ray of hope to everyone be wearing a fresh looking white item and show off the simple purity that we often overlook when we feel down.


Life is bright, just like green, as expressed in the grass that lives all around. Green can make everyone feel safe, and the look is as fresh as it is alive.


Romance is in the air, as cliche as that sounds. If you're feeling a bit romantic or even just a bit friendly, go for the pink. Supportive and nonthreatening, pink can be a wonderful choice.


If you feel like getting a bit of luxury in your life, go for the regal and royal color of purple. From light to dark, it's easy to get lost in it, and can lead to more riches than you think.


Youth and health can be screamed with the outgoing color orange. You don't always have to blend in to the crowd, so go for a bold and thrilling contrast to the seas of people in dark.

Life is full of color.

Get out there and live a little, so express just how alive you are with a burst of color.

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