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Just a girl desperately trying to hold onto a moment

Just Pretend

I don't know how to tell you goodbye

So let's just not say it at all.

Let's spend one more night

Pretending like it's not the last.

I'll buy the cola

And you buy the jack

It'll seem like just another night

But we can both feel in our gut that it's different

So instead we can just pretend.

Let's sit on my floor

And let the world melt away.

We can laugh at dumb jokes

Until the laughter turns to tears.

Then you'll wipe them off my cheek

And I'll smile up at you.

We both know they are not tears of laughter anymore

So instead we can just pretend.

Let's continue living like children

So we can keep playing make believe.

This game of house is even more fun as an adult

Because I get to play with you.

We can dream up a future together

That will never be

So instead we can just pretend.

Because in our perfect world

You don't need to leave to follow your dreams

And I don't need to hide how I feel.

It wouldn't feel wrong when we lock eyes

Knowing that's as close as we can ever get

So instead we can just pretend.

In the morning you'll drop me off at the airport

And I'll get on a plane.

30,000 feet above all of our problems

Looking down on the ground

Knowing that when I come back home

You will be gone.

So instead we can just pretend.

As for tonight

Let's linger a little longer

Fantasize about what could be

And shut out reality for as long as we can

Eventually the credits will roll

And we will know that's our cue

We will hug just one second longer than normal

Both knowing what that second means

But we are stuck with goodnight because

Neither of us can say goodbye

So instead we can just pretend.

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