The truth no one will ever know
The truth no one will ever know  sad stories
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Dedicated to a fallen angel

By: AllyCrash

The truth no one will ever know

When you are born you are brought into the world with an purpose, a reason.I never believed that.What could possibly my purpose be. If all i feel is pain.

Pain that cuts so deep ripping your heart piece by piece,slowly until just a black wormhole is left. And when you fall the devil comes claiming what's left of your soul.

What can possibly be my purpose of a lifeless body?

When the demons I possess drove me to the bridge or the rope maybe even the dozing pills.Making me believe the demons knows best.Ending all hope of living for a purpose.

Out of nowhere a flood of individuals scrutinize and judge for I have taken my precious fragile life.

How could I?

I just wanted attention

I'm weak

But if they only knew...

The loneliness I felt in a crowd of people eating me alive when at nine I should Have been chuckling wide mouth and playing like the kid I was.

If they only knew...

The constant fixation of wanting to be another person Wishing I could be good enough Enough for people to care like the popular kids who everyone knows and wanted to be around.

If only they knew...

The needing to have a place some place, anyplace overpowering each idea each stable. Hindering everything great about the world.

I guess if they only knew...

The demons I carried.Wreck furtively and gradually the hope I had left.Tormenting me the entire day.

I wasn't weak or looking for attention.

I fought my demons like Braveheart fought and I won.

I won

I didn't take my precious fragile life I lived my purpose, my reason.

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