Remember Me
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alltheloveps An avid thinker
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Remember Me

Will you remember me when the sky changes its colour? The blue that would fade to violet during the mystical hour.

Will you remember to forgive me after you drown in the whisky? Holding a color similar to the brown that runs through your pupils briskly.

Will you remember me like when we were young? All buoyant and sanguine when not a witnessed event felt unstrung.

It's okay if after years you forget how my eyes once reminded you of stars. But I hope you never forget how you made my oblivious heart grin before it learned all about its scars.

Aye, beloved you, je t'ai trop aimé (I just loved you too much) I'm sorry for I know I should've held on but I let you go anyway

~ AllTheLovePS

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