Come Back As Seasons Change (Part Two)

Come Back As Seasons            Change (Part Two) romance stories

alltheloveps An avid thinker
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It's the part two! (I had named the part one 'The Throne' but decided to change it to 'Come Back As Seasons Change'.

Come Back As Seasons Change (Part Two)

Seasons later, I started chasing your ghost

Because even if you burned me from the inside like how people say

I miss the warmth that it provided to subside the cold

The only warmth I feel now are the rolling tears

They travel down my cheeks in the name of you

But they dry up too

I miss your smile, your voice and I miss your eyes

But mostly I miss your lies

Because they made me smile

I wonder why haven't you spoken a word, it's been a while.

It's so not like you to be quiet

I yelled, "Move those lips, tell me something even if it's one of your lies!"

Then it hit me you're only a hallucination

Dammit! How I wish it was your reincarnation.

At the thought of that I cried upon your grave

And begged you to come back as seasons change.


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