Dear Soulmate
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To my Soulmate ❤️

Dear Soulmate

Dear Soulmate,

I'm ready whenever you are.

To laugh and love abundantly.

To feed into each other,

Emotionally, physically, creatively, and unconditionally.

I hope you know how beautiful you are, inside and out.

I hope you know how divine, and royal, and magical you are.

And I hope you love yourself as much as I love you.

To love you is to love myself.

And my love for you has no bounds.

Soulmate, we are reflections of each other, connected by a shared soul.

We are not each others', we are each other.

So you are not mine and I am not yours,

But instead I am you and you are me.

We were meant to meet,

I know that for certain.

The future might be unknown, but I know you're the one.

I attract you to me.

And forever and always we will be,

Because the Universe made it so.

If the thought ever crosses your mind that nobody cares, just know I do.

My highest desire is to build you up, water you, and help you grow with love.

Till the end of time and even after,

I love you.

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