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allison17I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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If you think no one is listening, think again.


by allison17

As only a few million of us on the Earth can actually call ourselves writers; it seems non-writers have no clue what the hell we're talking about.

And artists understand artists. They understand what the masterpiece is trying to show. Beauty, death, fear, and love. They see it.

We're all different, yet when we feel something in another one's art or words. It becomes ours in a certain way.

Through writing and art, we tell the world our greatest fears, and our biggest secrets.

Every piece of what makes us who we are comes through in our work, sometimes without us knowing it.

We brake down the beauty of life through the things that we love.

Non-writers, and non-artists can understand each other well.

But through words and art, the world seems to become more lovelier and less destructive than the reality.

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