All We Have Is Time
All We Have Is Time timetravel stories
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allison17 I believe all writers are somewhat mad.
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Time doesn't stop for us, so lets make every moment in our lives worth it.

All We Have Is Time

by allison17

When will we die?

Where do we go?

These are the answers that no knows, until our time is up.

And time is all we have.

To the time when you wake up in the morning to make a fresh cup of coffee.

To the time when you tie your daughter's shoelaces, and fix the purple bow in her soft hair.

To the time when you drop her off at school, and she turns to you with a big smile saying "I Love you daddy" don't say it back. You're already late for work, and don't notice a single tear falling out of your daughter's eye. didn't have time to say "I Love you too honey"

And you didn't have time to pull her out of the way when she was too teary-eyed to look both ways before crossing the street.

No you didn't have time.

And now as you stare blankly at the blinding white sheets that cover your daughter's face, you just wish you would have smiled right back at her.

You wish you would've said three words that would have made her stay another five seconds, and the car that ended her life would have driven peacefully by.

Five seconds is all it would have took. But you ran out of time.

And in your sleep, through the darkness you surrounded yourself in...

Your daughter sat next to you. The purple bow still in her hair, and an innocent smile still upon her face.

And she looked at you with big eyes that held all the emotion that didn't need to be said.

"I Love you daddy." Now it was your turn to shed a tear.

"I Love you too honey" and the car that took away your joy went right past, and your baby skipped happily to the doors of gold to the everlasting world of light.

And when you opened your eyes everything seemed brighter than it was before.

Time is all we have.

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