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Chapter one This story is about a girl named Evangeline Demuro.


first thing she gets to the front doors she gets scared but also filled with hope as she walked with her head down to her locker she accidentally bumped into a guy he seemed to be wearing a

my chemical romance shirt one of Eva’s favorite bands at the time but she was to shy to say any thing so she went to her locker and guess who was right next to her......

yep the same guy he released all of the posters she was putting in her locker he asked “what’s your name?

” Eva looked over at first she didn’t think anything of it until she looked at his eyes they were so perfect so beautiful she stared to stutter and said “e...e-Evangeline Demuro.

”He as he pretends he didn’t hear the stuttering he says in a proud voice he says “nice name I’m frank i see you like my chemical romance and panic at the disco.

” Eva’s eyes lit up she was so happy some one knew about them “do you like them!?

” Frank replied “yeah we should hang out” Eva got so scared and just stiff she just stood there and then the bell rang

Chapter two

Eva was always a very good woman she never got in trouble but some how on the first day of high school she’s going to be in trouble the teacher was very nice and said that she would have to

tell her parents but she was nice about it.

after that class it was lunch Eva’s favorite time of the day Eva got her food from her locker and then went out side to eat no sight of frank she kinda already missed him it was wired then

out of no where he poped up right behind her she got so scared she tossed her bento box in the air it was all gross now.

Frank looked so sad and mad at him self and kinda scared luckily Eva is a really nice girl so she wasn’t that mad at him frank did offer her for have some of his lunch so they both shared

a sandwich.after that was history Eva was horrible at history but to make it even worst Frank was there she just couldn’t stop staring at him

Chapter 3

Lucky for her it was just a short review of what you should have learned in 8th grade so it wasn’t anything big but still it was kinda wired by then it was time to get on

the bus surprisingly frank and Eva were on the same the same seat......

for a good 30-40 mins each week!

she tried to ignore him but he was just to funny and cute he would always make her laugh when it was time for her to get of frank up somthing in her backyard first thing she gets in and

there was her mom “EVANGELINE DEMURO!” At first she was confused then she remembered she was late for class “oh boy”she thought in her mind.

eva begged to be off the hook but she her mom took her phone she went up stairs she looked at the note frank gave her it said plz call me tonight!

With his number she started crying for hours she didn’t even come down stairs for dinner and she loves food?


Right when she had all of her clothes on except her bra and underwear she heard a knock on her window she looked out the window and there he was frank coming in to he bed room at midnight

with her half naked Eva could’ think she just got so excited to see frank

Chapter 4

When she opened the window to let him in he saw her half dressed he covered his eyes and said sorry she her whole face turned red she tried to laugh it off but she could tell that frank was

not okay with what just saw.she grabbed her sweatshirt and apologize.

”is it ok to look and I’m really sorry I should have told you I was coming it just you didn’t call me you kinda got me worried.

”she stared to question why was he here but she was just to happy.but at the same time she did have to shower so she told frank that she would see him tomorrow.

When frank was leaving he looked back at Eva he looked like he wanted to tell her somthing but he just went back home.

The next day they were on the bus frank released that she was way more talkative then he remembered “hey I’m invited to party and I have a +1 wanna come.

” Frank said scared she stoped in her tracks “I’ve never been invented to a party I would love to come!!! When is it?

” Eva said so happily frank looked kinda worried “well ummm it’s kinda maybe tonight and you NEED to have something fancy ok” Eva’s face went from happy to rushed she couldn’t focus all day

she had to get a nice dress and SOON

Chapter 5

It was after school Eva was still worried and stressed she couldn’t talk to frank she was just in a little ball of anxiety. When she go home she asked her mom if she could go...

her mom said no she’s never been more frustrated in her life she didn’t by now she went in to her mom’s closet and found a beautiful black dress when she was doing her make up frank came

and knocked on her window he when he opened it he was speechless she was so pretty she said “should we go?”he just shook his head blushing when they got there they were the last ones there.

the ones hosting the party was josh and Tyler they were a couple!

when every one was finally settled down the two best friends Brendon beebo for short and Patrick screamed PIN THE BOTTLE they all sat around in a circle first to go was Tyler it landed

on josh so on and so on every on got there turn then it was Eva’s turn when she spun in it lanes on

Chapter 6

Frank he wasn’t paying attention at the time he was just on his phone Eva smiled she looked at him in the eyes and then kissed him when she was about to go back to eating frank grabbed her

and kissed her again she was completely embarrassed she ran out and ran back home.

the next day at school frank didn’t talk to her all that day but she did see him and what happed was embarrassing she was look at frank then she just ran in to a wall.

when she got on the bus frank looked mad at her she asked what was wrong he said “I’m just mad at you for letting me kiss you like than I don’t belong you I’ve only known you a couple days

and this happened...I feel bad and gross.” Eva was sad she almost cried when she got home she ran up stairs and cried she felt like she liked him but he like her as a friend

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