Riley Rue-The Adventures (Chapter 1)
Riley Rue-The Adventures
(Chapter 1) orphan stories

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Riley Rue is an Orphan, and she knows her life can only get better from where she stands. She just hopes she's right.

Riley Rue-The Adventures (Chapter 1)

Long stretched hours passes, and everyone in the StringeDon household was bored. There were a lot of children there, since people were known for dropping their children at their house in the dead of night. It was somewhat the town orphanage. Riley Rue was sitting on the staircase. She had lived in the household for as long as she could remember,

And although she didnt hate her home, she wished she knew what a normal kids life was like. Going to school without anyone bullying her, having two loving parents who cared. Yes, Mrs and Mr. StringeDon cared much about all of their children, they had an actual child, Finley StringeDon. Finley was an

Eight-year-old girl with red hair, and a sly heart. She didn’t really care for the others, sleeping in her own room above all of the orphans. She wasn’t a bully, but she wasn’t a friend either. Riley has blonde hair with a couple streaks of purple. She loved adding color, and for her fourth birthday, she was given some hair sticks. Riley had just taken the permanent ones first.

Riley lived in a room with six other girls, all about her age. They were all either 10 or 11, so there was no doubting the fights that broke out between the girls. Who got to sleep with penny, the one stuffed animal, who got to go to the bathroom first. Although there were many fights there were also smiles, and laughter shared between them all.

Riley knew it was going to be a boring day from the start. It was a Saturday, and the oldest kids, Lottie (18) Frank (17) and Ramona (18) were going on a trip. They were allowed by Mr. StringeDon to take along one child. Of course they chose Luna, a 16-year-old, one of their friends. They left, and the rest of the children were sitting around. It was too cold to go outside,

electronics were shut off for the weekend, and most of the children didn't own many books to read, papers to draw on, or soccer balls to bounce. It was a normalSaturday, but especially boring. Riley jumped off the staircase, and found her way to the 9 and 8 year old room. Her best friend, Bayo, and basically younger sibling, was nine years old, and she loved to chat to Bayo on boring days like this one.

Riley walked into the room, and saw Bayo sitting on the bed, reading a book. Riley squinted to see the cover, having left her glasses on her bedside table. It was one of the boring books from Mr. StringeDon's library, and Mrs. Stringedon's sowing room. It was called "The Advanced Guide to the World of Finace" Riley didn't understand why Bayo was reading such a book, but she

didnt care, it was Bayo's choice. "Hey Bayo!" Riley called from the entrance to the room. Bayo smiled and waved back. "Oh, hey Riley! Im trying to read one of these humongus books from dad's library." There were some kids who refered to Mr. StringeDon as dad, Riley wasn't one of them, since she believed that her parents were still out there,

regretting their choice to get rid of her. "Thats cool!" Was all she said, though. She knew how much Bayo believed in her dad being Mr. Stringedon. (End of Chapter 1)

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