Thoughts on a Life of Sin
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A life wished to be forgotten.

Thoughts on a Life of Sin

Jesus introduced us to something called sin

Denying us the life we'd thought we lived

Affliction is easy when not yet under way

Even among my peers, loneliness never strayed

Stuck inside the shell of a hallowed gourd

Blasted by waves of musical diminished chords

Harmonious tones sung into each ear

Aiding an attempt to pretend I'm not there

A visible ghost, mute and without choice

Led by another spirit who gave me a voice

Draining the contents of its bottle

Discovering a new sense of self —however shallow

Confided in a new friend without seeing its end

Digging a hole love had tried to fill again and again

She bore a light, blinding all I could see

Any empathy or heart, no longer apart of me

Darkness filled the bottom of my well

All light gone while locked in hell

Alone with what she called love

A lie she continuously shoved

Into the depths of each dying vein

Collapsed, bringing an everlasting pain

I'd kept alive like the illusion she'd created

Before it was officially negated

Any joy she'd given me had died

All for someone else she could satisfy

Did He really die for our sins--

Or merely introduce us before leaving us with them?

It's a tough pill to force down

After a life lived with knees on the ground

Not me, for my sins make-up a long list

Though, none of them should’ve yielded this.

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