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I have nothing against the gay community, but when the movement they identify with is responsible for taking away my human rights and sexually abuses children, then I have a problem.

I know many people—particularly those who blindly abide by the new politically-correct social norms—will find the following “disgusting” or social “propaganda,” dismissing it as “hate speech.” I get it. It challenges the beliefs we have been conditioned to base our lives on. Not only can all of this be seen happening right in plain view, it is also backed by sufficient evidence. It is not my

...intention to judge anyone by their choice of lifestyle. I couldn’t care less if one wants to engage in relations with the same sex. However, if one chooses to be part of a movement, I believe they should become aware of what they are actually signing up for. If you disagree, PLEASE, prove me wrong. This IS disgusting and wrong on so many levels.

Do your own research and show me this isn’t true. I don’t want it to be true. However, as you will also come to realize by simply questioning what is perceived as reality— ... nothing is as it appears to be.

The LGBT+/Homosexual-Eugenics Movement (You’ve been warned...)

When anyone identifies themselves as being gay, they are willingly giving up their identity when they become part of this LGBT+ movement. After they identify with it, when they see the movement, they see themselves.

This movement isn't about equality, but of projection. And of course, many other hidden atrocities that will soon be revealed.

The LGBT movement creates an elite class of victim and grants them special privileges, creating a special bond of trauma that places them in the role of the 'golden child.’

Within the dynamics of a functioning family model, they've put themselves on a pedestal supported by their own victimization, where every side suffers.

Joining a movement such as LGBT, or claiming oneself to be 'queer,' is not due to anything one is born with, but is a conscious choice made by the ego.

Those who choose to identify themselves as such, or as transgender, or any of the letters, which all mean the same thing—confused—are generally people who have suffered either emotional trauma or sexual abuse early in life.

Their same sex attractions, in a large number of cases, are actually the result of coping mechanisms compounded by inappropriate erotic stimulation during adolescence.

Therefore, joining such a movement stems from the desire to cling to something outside of oneself, and relating to something external and intangible.

And since there is nothing in the human body that makes one gay, it’s no different from giving oneself to a system of beliefs, which is better known as religion. (Feel free to look up ‘religion,’ in any dictionary, if you disagree.)

LGBT is a religion centered around Genitalia, and of course, Eugenics.

Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice that has become a deadly epidemic, with the sudden increase of HIV/AIDs cases, perversions in schools and churches, kidnappings, and human trafficking.

There is a high rate within the molestation of children in public schools, and the unusually high percentage of young boys are mostly victimized by their own teachers or coaches.

Girls are no exception, in many cases developing ongoing 'relationships' with their abusers. Girls and women are very susceptible to this, which is known as Stockholm’s Syndrome.

In the past, if someone chose to live a homosexual lifestyle, I believed it to be their right as a human being, and left it at that.

I only had a mild issue with the number of parades they felt they needed to have, which seemed to be every month or whenever they pleased.

I chose not to attend, nor be a spectator at such events and continued to my life.

However, when my rights as a human and citizen of this country are affected as a direct result of this seemingly "innocent" movement that is supposed to be about "equality," then I have a problem.

And when helpless children become victimized because of it, that problem becomes something that needs to be dealt with immediately. And not to be brushed off by those who disagree because they lack the ability to pay attention and form an original thought.

In my opinion, those who disagree are why nothing has been done about this and may actually want our rights taken away. Say what you want about me, but these are facts that cannot be denied.

The lobby of the LGBT movement has convinced many members of Congress, state legislatures, local governments, and even private businesses to enact anti-discriminatory policies,

or "hate crime," laws to punish people who protest against the movement's disturbing agendas on critical and moral grounds.

They seek special rights for homosexuals and self-described "LGBT people" that others don't have, such as immunity from criticism, which are referred to as "hate crimes" and "hate speech.”

This immunity to "hate speech" has implemented the censorship we see today, as well as this 'politically-correct’ charade, which is a blatant form of totalitarianism. This was never an issue about race or how ‘Black Lives Matter.’ (The Civil War wasn’t all about slavery either, but about what every president assassinated had tried to fix: the Federal Reserve.)

These totalitarian measures are gradually being forced on us by US democratic Senators, congressmen, governors,

and mayors of many large cities--who are either mindless drones or are part of the plutocratic elite--in order to punish honest citizens who speak openly about the inherent and appalling dangers of such movements.

Then, these officials are elected and supported by the mis- and under-informed parrots, known as ‘liberals,’ who want one thing and complain when they get it, believing anything they don't like to be "fascist.” They repeat whatever the media or their friends tell them. (You find them on Twitter, yelling not their, but someone else’s opinion they’d heard.)

It’s these people who elect those same politicians who claim that Trump's Immigration Plan, which granted amnesty to 1.8 million immigrants, was a plan of "white supremacy;" even though, none of them were white.

What happened to us being equals—with equal human rights? Where the hell did our First Amendment go? Turns out, we never had any rights to begin with... (See Maritime/Admiralty Law post)

Now, our laws provide extra legal protections for certain individuals simply because of the way they choose to engage in sex? And this is “politically correct?”

Equality is not what we believe it to be--that of equal rights to every citizen regardless of race, sex, creed, or what have you. Rather, it is social dogma.

Eugenics— When one joins the LGBT movement, they make a promise to never engage in reproductive sex. It's agenda uses identity politics in order to sterilize and reduce the population. (Something Bill Gates let slip during a TedTalk, revealing what vaccines are really for.)

The gay pride parade is a public celebration of this promise, while also celebrating the loss of identity and nobody being able to see your bloodline again. Like any compartmentalized structure of control, those involved do not know what they are a part of.

They foolishly believe to be part of a “community of love,” which is nothing more than a front—another delusion to add to their confusion. They know nothing of the self-rejection being an initiation ceremony to the machine, as another victim sacrifices their bloodline to the sigil of the rainbow.

The occult nature of the rainbow is that of wealth, and whoever wears it is telling the world they have as many aspects as there are colors—a chameleon personality.

It is also indicative of the trickster or the fool, as well as kings, emperors, and deities.

This occult rainbow also dates back to ancient Babylon and the creation of the Holy Bible, with the story of Joseph and his rainbow jacket, which brought out envy and jealousy.

This ties the LGBT movement to its most disgusting implementation.

Its advocates and highly-active propaganda have somehow convinced the American Psychiatric Association to abandon their policy which classified same-sex attraction as a mental disorder.

This may seem harmless, until the ultimate goal is realized. (Keep in mind what many wealthy politicians and church representatives are into.)

The further homosexuality is pushed, the more accepted it becomes, which brings the act of pedophilia closer to being decriminalized, and seen more as something to be frowned upon.

This becomes apparent when more scandals of pedophilia among politicians, celebrities, and important figures in society are brought out and into the light.

Among the many things coming into the light, are the number of hip hop artists coming out of the closet.

This shouldn't be a surprise in today's world of political-correctness, and its push for anti-discrimination speeches from wealthy artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z,

who support the rise of what is referred to as "homo hop."

Homo hip hop began as a sub genre of 90s hip hop in the underground California scene as a retaliation to supposed homophobic lyrics from artists, particularly Eminem.

However, it was seen merely as a joke, and never took off until the 2010s, with more artists coming out gay, and a "homo hop" event for the LGBT community to protest discrimination.

With events such as this separating 'homo hop' from straight hip hop, it only serves to marginalize the identities and narratives it allegedly gives a voice to,

which shows how the genre is soaked in racism and homophobia.

If anything, these artists should be played and booked alongside straight hip hop artists, showing they are equally talented and deserve the same amount of recognition.

But that's not how the industry works.

Of course, the elite has one of their many tentacles in this, with the LGBT movement representing artists like Nicki Minaj, who recently claimed to be into women during an interview,

despite her only publicly being associated with male significant others. She clearly is using this as commercial gain, and was likely advised to do so by LGBT advocates.

"Why wouldn't a rapper come out and say 'I'm gay' and get that type of love?" asks rapper Fat Joe. "Lady Gaga? I don't know if she is gay, but she's doin' that gay shit for real.

And she is winning."

"It's the greatest gay market in the world," says Joe of hip hop culture. "The hip hop industry is most likely owned by gays. ...

Not rappers--the editorial presidents of magazines, the PD's at radio stations, the people who give you awards at award shows. This is a fuckin' gay mafia."

And if you want to be successful, making six figures, in the entertainment business, you must play the game of this 'gay mafia' and go along with their program.

It's not about getting a good education, perseverance, and following your dream, hoping someone with connections sees your talent.

Success will not come without signing a contract in blood, becoming part of their brotherhood and swearing to never speak of the coming rituals of these Hollywood sodomites.

These rituals consist of homosexual perversions performed either to you or by you--and no ritual, means no airplay.

If you know a thing or two about ancient history, particularly the Roman Empire, it should be known that the men of Rome had engaged in sex with each other, over the Roman women.

They thought to have more in common with each other since they were the sex that received formal education.

Fraternities all have a homoerotic undertone because of the types of bonds young men make with each other. The male-dominated "boys club" of the hip hop world of today is no different.

Male rappers are surrounding themselves with other predominantly male rappers.

Straight men don't have to "peacock" around each other alone because there isn't a female presence, which subconsciously reminds them to puff out their chests and be the dominant male.

The plutocratic elitists have their hands in every domain of the entertainment industry, as well as anything under the Dark Sun, that generates a substantial amount of money.

Among the false flags and various forms of trauma programming used to control and manipulate the masses,

the LGBT+/Homosexual movement continues to succeed in its rollout of countless hidden agendas.

All to implement the trans-humanism of a New World Order that wants to divide, delude, and destroy our moral judgement, by taking away our rights, freedoms, and sanity,

in order to turn us all into monitored subservient, politically-correct zombies.

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