Escaping the Self-Made Prison
Escaping the Self-Made Prison  mental stories

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Escaping the mental prisons we design for ourselves.

Escaping the Self-Made Prison

For years I tried to cover the walls of my cage made of glass

My darkest ideas from darker secrets to shelter me from the light cast

The origin of my feelings, believed to be of heartfelt affection

Being beyond my expectations, were thus ignored in order to function

Forever searching for the cold walls of this cell I'm imprisoned

Remains inferior to the pantomime of reality we've sealed ourselves within

Living with ourselves to experience the true nature of our being

We've been deceived and steered from the truth of our living eternity

Unaware to each second of our lives passing us by

Observed every minute by those feeding the buffet of lies

Around and around, our experience a first of many lasts

A life of random insignificance make up the cellular dimensional structure

I can't believe this to be true, while peering through a mirror I ask

Was my life chosen to be so bruised and punctured?

Or am I clinging to an obsession--

One in which I call my addiction?

My thoughts dangle from strings hanging from my heart

Bleeding a part of me onto each work of art

A personal touch makes up for my blindness to the support

Of family reunions where there's no pain to distort

Only Reflections of myself seen in every face

Reaffirming my heart was always in the right place.

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