Alice in a Vat
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Alice in a Vat

Chasing after a snowy blur

Treading careful behind its lily white fur

I've fallen into an endless schism

Leaving behind this third-rate dimension

Where true nature forms a union

Of a third eye, with reality gouged-in

Days clouded with atrophied perceptions

From calcified and civilized conventions

Trapped within a cinematic construct of misery

How can nobody see our blatant modern slavery?

With amazed ambiguity as we peer into the mind

All comprehension of the old is left behind

Finding ourselves inside a computer generated prison

A simulation born from our latent hesitation

Forced to conform, from our myopic outlook

To a bio mechanical world void of all loot

A lost, hopeless and spurious detention

Centered in an arranged material deception

Constantly surveyed by an elite of unseen

Awaiting a chance to flee this 3D scene

Or is this the nightmare of my brain in a vat

Oh yes, there is always that—

Better that than a confused lab rat

At night I walk the streets,

Envious of the furry freedom crawling in the dark

As I watch humanity being driven apart.

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