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all_write I am just someone trying to write again.
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Just a poem to get to know a little about me.

Meet All_Write

Here's a poem to get to know this writer, because she felt like it. But also, because you may want to get to know her.

She is twenty, almost twenty-one, and she's a shorty that wishes she were tall. Mature for her age they may say, but she really likes to watch blood and gore.

Listened to the same pop music for ten years straight, but now EDM. She enjoys anime, makeup, and music a little too much, but who cares.

She wants to be an author, started writing her first story at age eight. If only she would finish a novel, because its been in the works for twelve years.

Hilarious right? Well at least she thinks it is. Writing is something she enjoys, you would think a novel would be finished by now.

She does like to read, however, it's been awhile since finding one she liked. She is kind of picky, I guess you would say.

Her life is kind of boring, working and thinking about writing. Not getting any writing done, really annoys her but it's her own fault.

She has no friends, well had some but they left. At first wanted to know why, but now doesn't really care.

In two thousand and eighteen, tried to go to college, chose the wrong major and college. After she came home, got downgraded by her grandparents.

Conversations with the grandparents, really gets to her because of what they say. To get ahead in life, you have to go to college...blah blah...

Didn't get a job till age nineteen, because her mom said education first. Scared at first, but after time felt comfortable.

Finally trying to get her life together, has been a long, gigantic mental war. Even writing this to publish, has been a mental battle.

What will people think, do they even want this? Would they even like it, what if nobody does?

All these questions and more, being the reason for the war. Even words don't come, and find their piece in the puzzle.

Sometimes the questions, can be about the writer, herself. Does she even like this anymore, why won't the words come to mind?

This writer really does want to be a writer. She just needs to find a solution, that works for her by searching.

Thanks for reading. This was kind of hard to write, because I was writing about myself. This was probably boring, but you made it to the end, if you are reading this.

But at least now you know a little about me.

If you liked this, you can read my other poems if haven't already. You don't have to if this was the worst thing you have ever read.

Thanks again for reading, see you in my next poem.

Written on: 11/8/20 and 11/27/20

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