Make yourself fall
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The journey of falling out of love with somebody as life changes you.

Make yourself fall

Strangers to best friends,

Then something more.

Our evolution has halted now

I don’t need you,

Not anymore.

Time flew by,

We grew up,

No more two kids who fell in love.

We were young and wreckless,

We drank and danced.

The world couldn’t touch us,

Till destiny pounced.

Life got hard.

I looked in the mirror,

Who was I greeted by,

A stranger, an error.

You couldn’t see what I’d become,

‘Hold on’ you screamed, begged and pleaded.

From that moment on the old me was gone,

Now, I was numb.

You said I did it once, please do it again.

We are forever,

You and me till the end.

So I tried to love what I did before,

But baby,

You can’t make yourself fall.

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