"Inhumane Meat" Chapter 1, "Crash Landing", Part 2
"Inhumane Meat"

Chapter 1, "Crash Landing", Part 2 anime stories

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Sorry it took a while to get Part 2 written, lockdown and sickness is spook

"Inhumane Meat" Chapter 1, "Crash Landing", Part 2

"Are we there yet-" Katyu askes while resting by a tree. "We've been walking for who knows how many hours. I'm tired." "Hm... unless you got a map, our only option is to keep moving." Ancho takes her GPS, examine it. "We have exactly walked about 300 meters. Alright, we'll take a break." Putting the GPS away, Anch sits down on a

nearby trunk. "You know, so far, I expected you to be annoying, but apparently you're not," Anch says as she takes out an energy bar. "Oh be quiet you spaghetti. As if you're talking. I blame Commander for pairing me up with you." Katyu grunts, shooting at a bug. "You should be lucky that you're with me. Your school is too poor, yuck."

"The school may be poor but the enthusiasm of the students are far better than yours, or any of the schools of the Sensha-Do. And as for you, you're definitely one of the most childish commander of a school." Anch smirks, laughing. "YOU ITALIAN TWIN-TAIL SPAGHETTI!" Katyu yells as she runs towards Anch, tripping over a small rock

and face-planting onto the ground. "Get up ya stupid, there's no time for horseplay." Anch stands up, walking over to Katyu, offering her a hand. "Eat something for energy, we still got walking to do, we ain't got all day."

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