"Inhumane Meat" Chapter 1, "Crash Landing" , Part 1
"Inhumane Meat"

Chapter 1, "Crash Landing" , Part 1 vietnam stories

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"Inhumane Meat" Chapter 1, "Crash Landing" , Part 1

"This is Alpha Team Wolf, if anyone can hear us, please send a message to G.U.R.S. that we have crashed landed in the middle of somewhere north of Vietnam." Ancho sighs as she cuts off the walkie-talkie as Katyu kicks the scrap of the helicopter. "So what we gonna do now?" Katyu asks as she sits down on a nearby trunk. "Well... we're still on the mission regardless of

casualties. Guess it's just me and you small kid." Picking up her pistol and several ammo clips. "I'm not a kid you twin-tailed spaghetti!" Katyu pouts as she gets up, stomping the ground blushing red as her Italian partner insults her height. "I am at least 2 inches taller than a 'kid'!" "Yeah yeah, says the shortie." Throwing Katyu a pistol, she looks inside the cockpit of the heli, reading the latitude and

longitude. "We're just off a few miles away from the border of Vietnam, gather your stuff cause we gotta get moving." Ancho pops back out and looks around the burning environment. "I hope this fire clears, or else they'll know we're here." Katyu organises her hat. "Does it matter, they'll be dead regardless if we're found or not. "Oh well, come. Let's go this

way. I'm not good with geographics but who knows." The remaining soldiers of Alpha Team Wolf gathered what they could scavenge from the crash, hoping to find their way to the border of Vietnam, on their rescue mission of their commander who was kidnapped 14 days ago.

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