The Philanthropy of a Fetishist
The Philanthropy of a Fetishist disturbing stories

aliskingston perpetual mental limbo
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The Philanthropy of a Fetishist

here we sit the paracetamol princess and the wishbone wizard the philanthropy of a fetishist a natural in narcissistic nurture

the plague doctor removes his mask to sleep have you ever considered that? a tribute to the disintegrating infant dripping off his tongue

like an orgy in the milkmaid’s mind a distorted contortion of her mistress’s pride illness irradiated by a puff on the pipe shepherd’s delight shrouded in intellect but failed by his crowd

my stomach a bare canvas etch me a verse my teeth to be chiselled carve me down to my purest self slice away the excess uncovering colour in swirling drops

hide my skates and skin me alive look mum, no hands!

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