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alishalacylife is what you get
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Fake people

by alishalacy

Why act as if you have to act a certain way to be loved?

If someone does not like you why act a fool and still be friends... why should anyone lower there standards for what? Family? Friends of friends? we have no shackles attached to our feet.

So why do we do what we do?

Because we are all human and we will make mistakes we are all equals that strive to become the best we want out of ourselves and our surroundings.

But just because we all make mistakes

Does not give no body the right to treat you with dis respect or pressure you to still be friends on the fact that WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!!

pause from the difficulties one has with fake people

And simply be enlightened by your choices. your choice to live around, and be around whom ever you want

So under no circumstance lower your standards to fakeness

say what you need and want to say with a clear voice be happy live life with the ones you truly love

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This was heartfelt. You wrote with a flaming intensity. It sounds like you have had specific problems with phonyism. Tell us about some of those. Great job!!!