Rings of the queen
Rings of the queen w/rings stories

alishakhatoon life is a beautiful mess
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What happens after marriage? It isn't happily ever after for every woman. Sometimes, the foundations of love are laid on greed which keeps crumbling.

Rings of the queen

Ever since she got married,

she has been living with her family;

she is living in her small world,

her kids, husband and the old day job,

she has been living for her family.

There is an invisible ring around the town,

where she roams like the protagonist,

adorned in gilded rings in nose and ears,

one on her finger, one around the neck,

and a few dangling from her wrists.

Mrs. Bedi must not step further,

that's all where she could go;

she is tied up by the bonds of love,

kindled by a ton of gilded rings,

which she brought with her long ago.

The black eyes which used to gleam,

now lack life, hope, and dreams;

the shoulders once broad, have drooped,

but her head is still held high,

for, she serves as the main beam.

This time, she saw a shattered house,

there were no walls, roof, or floor,

the beautiful abode was never there,

all she could see were the gilded rings,

she once brought to the humble door.

There she stood still like a rock,

engulfed by dark deep shock,

she took her little flowers, her kids,

wiped her eyes, like a queen,

she turned and away she walked.

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