The Internet is Here
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It is about dan being lazy and another being taking over his body to destroy his life.
Art by me!

The Internet is Here

Daniel Howell went to his computer to work on the script for his next video. He opened a document and typed in 'Hello, Internet,' and stared at a wall in thought. When he looked back the words he had written were not there. Instead was the words 'Hello, Daniel Howell.'Puzzled he called to his best friend down stairs, "HEY Phil?!"

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" Philip Lester called back. "DID YOU INSTALL ANOTHER .EXE FILE ON MY COMPUTER AGAIN!?" "NOT SINCE SALLY.EXE, NO!?" Dan confused typed again 'Hello, Internet," and he watched as they dissappeared and reappear another message. 'Dont repeat yourself. It is rude.'

'Who are you?' 'Call me Internet if you want.' 'Okay, why are you here then?' 'Because I have a offer...' 'What is it?' 'You get to be on the world wide web all day' 'What is in it for you?' 'I do all your work.'

'For how long?' 'How ever long the one of us can hold.' 'How do I accept?' 'Type in I am in'

'I am in." And with that Dan was engulfed in bright light and then he was at his desk. Nothing else around him. "Cool place. Now to tumblr!" Then a screen popped up from behind the monitor with his tumblr up and he scrolled through tumblr telepathically almost and enjoyed it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hours later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Oh my god! Nothing on tumblr, youtube, twitter, facebook, younow, instagram or anything for that matter! What does the computer do than?" Dan said to himself. He turned on the monitor and saw Phil talking to him. "Phil give me a minute. The volume is turned down." Dan turned up the volume and it was like he walked into a conversation.

"I saw that also. I thought it was a great way to get the best of it all!" Phil said. Dan heard his own voice say back "I know did you see the thing I liked yesterday?" Then Dan thought 'how long have I been here?' "How long have I been here www?" A robotic woman's voice replied "8 days 14 hours 27 minutes and 52 seconds."

"Not surprised. Look danisnotonfire on youtube." He said and saw that there was a video for every single day he was gone. Impressed he watched each video. The next one was more boring than the last. 'I am loosing subscribers for this also. I need to go back and delete these.' "How do I get out of here?"

"You call Internet." The robotic woman voice said. Dan looked at the computer and Phil and Him having a delightful conversation. Dan felt bad but needed to go. What had Internet done to his life? Dan took a breath in and said "Call Internet." "Calling Internet" the robotic woman said

"Sorry, have to go to the bathroom. Will be back." He hear Internet Dan say. And then internet Dan got up and walked to the bathroom and shut the door. "What do you want?" "Can I get my life back?" Dan asked. "No! This is amazing. You won't take it away from me!" Then the computer shut off.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" Dan said trying to turn it back on. When he finally was able to internet Dan and Phil were having another peaceful conversion. Overwhelmed, he started to randomly hit keys and on the desktop and anywhere else he could. Then in mid sentence he heard the conversation Phil internet Dan were having turn to silence.

"Dan? Are you okay?" Phil said. "What did I do?" Dan said but this time the computer echoed it. Scared he continued "Phil? Is everything alright?" The computer echoed the sentence again. "Ye-yeah everything is just fine. Are you though?" Phil replied.

"Yay, just that everything I have said for 8 days I didn't say and and I have no control over my body. No big deal." Phil became an even paler shade of pale. "I am going to get, um, something from the kitchen." Phil got up and walked towards the kitchen.

"Okay. that is fine. You can have all the time you need." Then Dan got up also and started to walk with Phil. "Well, I guess not." When they got into the kitchen and Phil went his merry way. Dan pick up a knife. "What is he doing?" Dan said

"What who is doing?" Phil asked and turned to see Dan's hands held above his head with a vegetable cutting knife. "What are you doing, Dan?" He said and took a step back. "I am not doing this. Phil you have to believe me. I am doing all I can to stop this." Dan said frantically pressing everything and fiddling with everything he found.

He then realized one button he didn't press. Dans arms with the knife over Phil began to fall. Panicked he presses the esc key and he stopped the knife a foot above Phil's head.Dan opened his eyes to find Phil cowering down. "I-I am free! Phil! I am free. Its really me!" "Really?" "Yes! It's really me."

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