The inner battle: 1 leave
The inner battle: 1 leave therapy session stories

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be aware of these btw, The inner battles can and most likely will get dark. you have been warned, read at your own risk.

The inner battle: 1 leave

Leave them they don't want you

what do you mean?

Cold shoulder is the best. be mysterious. if they try harder maybe we'll come back

and that will work how?

it will trust me.


Fine then we don't need them. proves my point more. they don't know us well enough

its because you don't want them to know what's going on. what is going on?


there is no reason for you now to tell me!

i don't know


I DON'T KNOW OKAY? i don't know why but we just need to not be friends with them

well i get the one but why the other as well? he isn't rude at all, nor a temper

we just don't need them. its fine

its not fine. why entirely cut them out?

because it is better.

You are ridiculous

I am not! its rational

you haven't been able to ration it

well i am in control and i make the ultimate decisions here! I choose what happens and what we do ultimately and this is what.

what if i don't accept it!

then deal with it.

I have as much power as you do here!

No you don't, you have less power than me.

NO i do not! Who threw out who?

ITS FINE! if they truly want us back then they will act like it

like ask us to join the server again? Like asking us to come with them to hang out? them still messaging you? them still wanting to play games with you? Its not that they dont care-

Its all cause of the roommate. They feel bad about singling out us so of course they invite us. of course they would

Why do you always think there is some other motive

there always is! there is always another motive. no one likes us because of our personality or our looks or our outfits. they like us cause they need us for some reason.


You know it is true. you KNOW they dont care. only the family would cry at our funeral

i thought we said we werent suicidal

and we aren't its just, its true.

I'm sorry, it is for the best

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