Someone Else's Fault
Someone Else's Fault five nights at freddy's stories

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Okay i got bored and needed some outlet cause i suck at words so here. Have this. Idc what fandom this is for tbh just go with it like how i did.

Yes this is freddy fazbear fanchise thing. deal with it okay?

Someone Else's Fault

I never really understood the spring lock system in the suits. I was taught how to put them on but, well, i just forgot and still can’t figure them out. I know you twist them and try and get them to lock but i just have never been able to do that. Am i that weak?

It was probably a terrible decision to have me be in the suit today but i knew it was coming up eventually i just didn’t know it would be so soon. So, of course i knew i should have been prepared but i wasn’t. I got some help into the golden Bonnie spring lock suit but they didn’t even know much about it either. I thought i was in good, but, well, let me just tell you, i regret it.

After a while i realized one of the springs was slowly burrowing into my thigh. I tried to shift so i wouldn’t annoy me but it didn’t seem to work well. It wasn’t poking but it just was annoying. I kept going on with greeting kids and doing what normally the Bonnie does.

Simple! I actually didn’t notice that all the springs started to get unwound as well. Then when i realized it was a little harder to move, then i realized. I didn’t want to disappoint the kids so i just kept going. I could survive a little longer! Probably..

Everyone knows you don't get the spring lock suits wet when someone is in it. The person inside should have someone to help make that not happen either. Yes the person who helped me was that person, but they must have not remembered the only major rule about being in a spring lock suit.

So when a kid was drinking something bumped into me from behind and spilled their whatever all over my back, i felt the pain of the spring locks dig into my back and take my breathe. The pain willed tears from my eyes as i tried to gasp for air.

The person watching over me realized something was wrong and asked how i was going. I said i was going to fine and she just went with it. It started to be hard to do anything. It was hard to even stand up and bend over and stand up again. They asked if i was okay after a while and i said that i would be fine.

Minutes more of agonising pain before i knew i had to physically get out, but how? After awhile i couldn’t bare the pain and struggle that i tried to get the person who was supposed to be watching me’s attention, but they didn't notice. I could hear the metal tightening around me, more and more with every movement. Would i be able to get out?

After a while i gave up on trying to get their attention and got away to the back room to free myself. I got the limped off but they weren’t the ones that were giving me the most trouble. I got the head off so i was able to see better. I felt my torso being squished while i frantically tried to get it off.

There must have been something that would allow the wearer to undo would be stupid if there wasn’t, but most things in this place was stupid. I somehow was able to tear off the torso and i fell to the floor gasping for air.

The person who was supposed to be watching over me came in and started to yell at me for leaving them and not telling them where i was going. They could have helped get the suit off.

I informed them that i could have died and warning them wasn’t a high priority at that moment. They stormed off out of the room in a huff. I could still feel everything crushing me still and it hurt. Maybe i’ll get better soon before anyone notices that happened.

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