"Its just a phase."
"Its just a phase." wrong stories

alisasapphire2 Writer, Artist, Animator, Fandomer
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"Its just a phase." I say,

"Its just a phase."

"Its just a phase." I say,

Being taught anything that isn't something that is condemned as normal, changed me.

"Its just a phase." is something i say to cover whatever thought i have that isn't "normal"

It was my mother who nailed that into me.

Love the same sex as a teen? Just a phase.

Emo? Just a phase.

Want to stay single forever even if you are happy? Just a phase.

Never want to have children? Just a phase.

Things change, don't get me wrong.

But, we are still the same person.

I never grew out of my pretty pink princess phase.

I would rather have a pink ballgown and a crown on then pants.

"Its just a phase." I say, knowing it may just be a lie.

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