I hate my brain, can I just say that?
I hate my brain, can I just say that? therapy stories
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uuuuuhhhh had to get this somewhere and you know tumblr isn't the place

I hate my brain, can I just say that?

I don't think people realized how much I mentally have to go through everyday.

My brain hasn't let me eat for the past couple of months, only letting me eat small meals.

My brain thinks that all my friends hate me and I should let them go.

My brain fights over every little decision i make

My brain screams constantly, one time to the point i had to turn my music really high to not think.

My brain doesnt like when im doing nothing.

My brain doesnt like it when i seem like im going no where

My brain hates me.

im sad. i know that seems very basic but i am. everything i do seems worthless and i dont see whatever im doing going somewhere.

im scared that ill keep waisting my time and unable to find my place.

I stream but no one is there. I post these but no one sees them. i post tiktoks, tumblr posts, whatever and nothing.

What am i doing wrong?

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