Crystal Grumps Off the Beaten Path |1| HIM
Crystal Grumps Off the Beaten Path |1| HIM ninja brian stories

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Danny has finally made it! Everyday he wish of this! But did it have to be him?

I made a comic with this! it has less information but it still gets the same ish point here ---> https://alisamarie24.devi...

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Crystal Grumps Off the Beaten Path |1| HIM

All my training, every single day, lead to now. After so much work, I finally get to do what I have been working towards my whole life.

I am Blue Fluorite Facet - 1M4H Cut - 8AN, also known as Dan or Danny, whichever you want. Today, I finally get my partner and we get to patrol and reprimand gems! It's going to be great!

Leading up to the ceremony, we had about 3 months of training, but with other gems. We trained with all sorts of gems like Topazes, Aquamarine, Onyx, and so forth. We practiced with so many, I would be surprised if we missed any. That is how they pick who our partners are going to be.

I am a healer, so gems like me are often partnered with ones that are battle heavy. I can battle, unlike most healers, so for all I know I could be partnered with an Emerald which are not so battle intensive.

I was standing at attention with the other Fluorites, waiting to be called out by the the Major gem on stage. There was no pattern to what they called so it was a long waiting game. The called gems would walk to the front and meet with their new partners. Finally, “Blue Fluorite Facet - 1M4H Cut - 8AN,” I walked towards the front as everyone watched.

“Red Heliotrope Facet - 2A2L Cut - 4WT” they called out. Oh no. They are also known as “Bloodstones” because of how deadly they are. It is guaranteed that they’ve poofed at least one gem per day. When we trained with them, they poofed about half of us. I was lucky!

~ ~ ~ The Fluorites were lined up on one side of the field, all at attention. All the Heliotropes were staggered on the other side, facing them. Each Heliotrope looking ready to shatter at any time.

The head Fluorite was calling out different Flourites and then the head Heliotrope would call out another of her type, then they would each find a spot on the field to spar until everyone was called. Dan was not paying much attention as each gem was called, but he was still listening to hear when he was called.

“Red Fluorite Facet - 3J0Y Cut - 3HD” the head Fluorite said. The red gem stepped forward, still at attention. Her gittery cape and mating leotard sparkled in the sunlight, the dress of the Fluorites. “Red Heliotrope Facet - 2A2L Cut - 4WT, you will be partnered with her.” The head Heliotrope said.

“Blue Fluorite Facet - 1M4H Cut - 8AN,” the head Fluorite said. Dan stepped forward, scared for what may happen next.

“Green Heliotrope Facet - 1O5R Cut - 6FI, you will be partnered with him.” The head Heliotrope said. Danny sighed. He seemed less mentally unstable. They headed off together and started sparing, waiting for the others to be assigned partners, Danny still afraid of being poofed.

Sometime into the sparring match Danny started to hear a voice. “You’re doing it wrong.” it said. “Did you say something?” Danny said as he rested his sword. The Green Heliotrope stabbed it bow staff towards him and Dan guarded himself with his sword. “Never let your guard down.” The Heliotrope said quietly, staring into Danny’s eyes.

“Then stop distracting me!” Danny said. The Heliotrope looked confused. “Then forget about your surroundings.” The voice said again. Danny was confused again but listened to it. “Watch your opponent.” The voice seemed calm. “Spread your legs.” Danny snickered. “Focus!” “Right.” Danny said.

The Green Heliotrope was confused on what was going on. The Fluorite was readjusting and randomly making moves. The Heliotrope was scared for what the Fluorite was going to do. They never act this weird so him being confused makes sense.

They are normally calm, happy, and, well, all they can be described as is cute. So when one starts to look like it is ready for a battle and look like it could rip a head or two off, it gets worrying.

“Use your forearm and swing.” said the voice and Danny did so, catching the Green Heliotrope by surprise and almost poofing him. “Wow.” he said. “What the fuck! I didn’t want to poof him!” Danny said. “Well, isn't that the point of every battle? To win?” said the voice.

“Time for team sparing.” Said the head Fluorite some time after everyone had a partner. She would name off one pair, then another and that was who was going up again each other. It was good for seeing if they would work well together. In their branch of work, they are allowed to fuse to make it easier on the both of them.

“Red Fluorite Facet - 3J0Y Cut - 3HD and Red Heliotrope Facet - 2A2L Cut - 4WT, You will be partnered with Blue Fluorite Facet - 1M4H Cut - 8AN and Green Heliotrope Facet - 1O5R Cut - 6FI.” she finally said.

They found a place to start the battle and got ready. “I hope you have remembered what I told you.” said the voice again. Dan looked to the other Heliotrope whose eyes looked as if he could see into his soul. His eyes squinted. “Or else you’re poofed.” it warned. The other Heliotrope can read his mind! Or at least talk through his mind. Do others do that?

“Start!” the Red Fluorite said and charged towards Danny’s partnered Heliotrope. Danny, still stunned, started towards the other Heliotrope. He had a little dagger and so Danny thought he had this. Sword against a dagger, he had a range difference, easy match, right? Wrong.

It was like watching Peter Pan and Captain Hook fight. The Heliotrope immediately tried disarming Danny, but he had a good grip on the sword. “Nice grip.” said the voice in his head. Most definitely the Heliotrope.

The Heliotrope changed the dagger into a bow staff. “I didn’t know you can do that.” he nodded and ran to Danny. Danny blocked as the Heliotrope tried to hit his sides. He tried to knock Danny with the middle part, but Danny blocked against that, pushing him away as best he could with the other fighting back.

The Heliotrope quickly lifted his staff and Danny fell forward and the Heliotrope step away and bopped Danny in the back with one of the ends of his bow staff. Danny groaned. He tried to stand again but the heliotrope shoved his foot into his back, shoving him into the ground.

“Oh,” the Heliotrope said in Danny’s mind. “I guess I forgot to mention some things.” he mocked. But oddly a white light engulfed them both and everyone stopped to watch. When the fusion looked around, everyone gasped. What just happened? The fusion didn’t look half bad. He was a mix of Danny’s blue and the Heliotrope’s red and incredibly dark green, mixing into a dark violet in some spots.

Danny’s pluff of hair was still there, but held down somewhat with a dark red ribbon, covering across his eyes but it had holes for him to see. The outfit had Danny’s cape, but the Heliotrope’s ninja suit that was splashed with the fused gem’s colours.

His eyes squinted open to reveal the eyes half blue, half red. Two arms reached up top feel the new face, while the other two figured the rest out. “What just happened?” the fusion said. “We fused. Odd.” the fusion heard inside its head. The Heliotrope still wasn’t actually talking. “What do we do?” He said, running his hands through his hair.

“Unfuse. That’s what!” demanded the head Fluorite. “Yes, of course.” he said but couldn’t. Danny had fused with other Fluorites to get practice, so he knew what to do, it was just something was holding on. “Come on! Let go and unfuse!” the fusion demanded. Everyone was silent, wanting to watch this for some reason. Danny struggled to let go against a force he had never felt.

“Fine!” thought the fusion and Danny flew across the field while the Heliotrope just fell down to the grass. “Now, what do you have to say for yourselves!” demanded the head of the Heliotrope who seemed to have watched this unfold. “I swear, I didn’t want to-” Danny started to say to the head Fluorite.

“You know you can only fuse with your partner, right? Not others?” “Yes, I understand, but I had no control over that. It just happened.” Dan protested. “It is a choice to fuse, you both wanted to.” Chimed in the head Heliotrope. “Awe, how sweet!” mocked the Heliotrope in his head.

“You both are sitting out this training.” said the head Fluorite. She looked over to the troubled pair’s partners. “You two are now partners.” she stated. “Continue!” she shouted, and everyone picked up where they left off.

The two were place on opposite ends of the field, in the hopes they won't fuse again. “Hey,” said the voice in Danny’s head. “Since we fused, you can call me Ninja Brian.” “And you can call me Danny or Dan.” Danny said, hoping the other could hear still.

~ ~ ~ “Thought we would get partnered together.” Ninja Brian said to me when I walked by him. “Well, I wasn’t sure, but I did have a feeling.” I said and we walked out the doors as partners.

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