But that isnt true
But that isnt true therapy session stories

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Im lazy so this one isnt as edited as other has been. DEAL WITH IT!!!!

But that isnt true

Lets be completely honest here

you dont like my body.

You just see someone who is plus sized

and think that you can talk to the however you want.

You will think i will lower my guard

and immediately let you talk to me like im an object

and the sad thing is is that other women would

im not desperate and i have standards

Lets be completely honest here

you dont like my personality.

its something thats a bit annoying

or my humour is too dark

or too niche

Lets be completely honest here

you dont like my work.

You say it looks good but your are lying

you say it is good, but it isnt

come on people

i am not the person you seem to think i am

i dont do cool thing

i dont look pretty

i dress nice but that is it

if i lost about 200 pounds then saying you like my body is fine

if i actually it into more groups of people without having to repress alot of me then you can like my personality

if i actually tried more and worked harder then you can say my work is good.

But for right now that isnt true

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