Putting On An Act
Putting On An Act depression stories
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alifewewasted I write about depression and self harm
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It's only a testament to my acting...
TW- cussing, unconscious transphobia, and depression

Putting On An Act

It's only a testament to my acting

That I am 'healing'

For I don't feel okay

But you wouldn't know from my face

My smiles all seem so real now

They're not fake

Not in the easy way

So will you notice?

Or do I have to pull back my sleeves

And show you the cuts

Isn't it easy

To hide these things

And my life has gone to shit

There's a fucking divorce

And there's fucking schoolwork

And there's the constant anxiety

And she yelled at me

She called me a monster

She called me a cunt

She said I didn't try

And all cause I lashed

Out at the pain

Because of what I went through as a child

And she hated me for wanting to be a boy

And all she saw was my mother

She only ever saw my flaws

But then she would say that I'm not a bad person

And she wouldn't listen when I complained

I know it got to be a lot

I'm bad at life

And worse at tact

So I apologized


And here we are

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