The bunny [Y/N FF] [Jungkook FF]
The bunny [Y/N FF] [Jungkook FF] jungkookie stories

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hope you guys like it

I Get inspired to write this cause I See @f_preistly writing Y/N FF's so yeah that's where I first started making Y/N FF's

The bunny [Y/N FF] [Jungkook FF]

Y/N POV --------------------------------------- You we're walking home at the time, And you passed by a Pet shop, and you thought to yourself, Hmm I Really want something to keep me company at the new apartment, I think i'll get a bunny, or a tortoise, or a Bird, You we're looking around. but then you saw a Little bunny looking at you with the most cutest eyes ever

Awww you said to yourself as you petted the bunny, he was very friendly, you said to the shop cashier which one you wanna get, She said are you sure that one Ma'am/sir you nodded yes, as she put him in the cage and put him in your basket, You went to by a cage, some food, and A Water dispenser, and some hay for him, you walked back to your apartment and you looked

around to see where you we're going to put him you looked in your room, and put his cage in the corner of the wall, It was a perfect fit! you already setted it up the Stuff for him, and when you opened the cage the bunny jumped on you, and you said aww hi lil fella, as he snuggled into your arms as you got up and gently put him in the cage, and it 9:35 yeesh you said to yourself, I need to go to sleep

you closed your eyes and opened them after hearing the bunny making a bunny noise, you looked at him and you got off your bed, Yes lil guy? he looked at you through the cage. you say, Ahhh you wanna name, he looked at you and blinked twice, You said hmmm this is a tough one, hmm what about... JUNGKOOK! I Will name you Jeon Jungkook! and my name is Y/N Jeon, you took him out of

his cage and put him laying next to you, he cuddled right next to you and you drifted off to sleep

Jungkooks POV --------------------------------------- I Turned into a human and I Looked at Y/N And whispered goodnight Noona/Hyung 💜 I Drifted off to sleep

BYE BYE My lil aliens! (Hope you enjoyed it, and this story is for both female and male, cause when I See Y/N ffs I Think they forget Boys can like BTS To not just girls, and just because there isn't much fanboys, it still is nice to include them in, cause when I read a Y/N its only girls like c'mon where the boys)

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