Never go near him! [Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #2
Never go near him! [Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #2 horror stories

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Never go near him! [Min Yoongi] [BTS FF Y/N] #2

You screamed as a dark figure showed on your wall and you just slapped yourself thinking it was a dream, and everything went back to normal, you looked freaked out as your heart started racing,

okay okay it all just a dream you thought to yourself Y/N its just a dream you said as you walked into your room and changed into comfortable clothes and you got in bed, and drifted off to sleep,


You woke up and screamed as you saw on the celling written in blood saying, "We're you the one that killed me?"

and you immediately jumped out of bed and you ran out and ran to see if the WIFI was connected, it was, you immediately Dialed your friend Jins number and he said hello?

You yelled yes Jin hi um.. He said Oh! Y/N whats up?

he asked you said I think i'm being H- and it said The number you dialed has been blocked please try again later goodbye, Jin? Jin! Hello Jin?!

You saw why and the phone cored was cut, And knives started Channeling at you, you grabbed a pot and blocked yourself,

you we're safe from the knives then the Attics door opened You looked so freaked out as you grabbed your phone and put on the camera and trying to see if there was a ghost,

you looked all around and there was nothing, You froze as you pushed the flip button, There he was you screamed as you dropped your phone and immediately grabbed your phone and you yelled HELLO?

WHOS THERE! A voice came out and said in a creepy voice We're you the one who killed me he said in a very creepy and Cracking voice You yelled NO I DIDN'T, WHO ARE YOU! AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?

I'm Min Yoongi he said in a low voice You yelled then Min Yoongi What do you want?! he said I know you killed me, for pay back i'll kill you to, YOu screamed as you saw something TBC!

Bye bye my lil aliens

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